Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why California Sucks For Business

Why a business would want to relocate or stay in the state of California is beyond me and this next story says it all.
From the Kingman Daily Miner: Workers at Mertens Equipment Rentals transfer an 80,000-pound Caterpillar D11 bulldozer onto a trailer Monday for travel to a rock quarry in California. Owner Bob Mertens said the $1.5 million piece of equipment was on its way from South Dakota to California when the Department of Transportation determined the trailer was illegal to enter California. He wasn't sure why, though he guessed it might have to do with laws about measurements from the kingpin to the rear axle. Mertens said the D11 will weigh about 240,000 pounds when it's "all dressed up," including the dozer blade, tracks and cab. A 120-ton crane was brought in from Lake Havasu City to place it on the trailer.http://kdminer.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=797&ArticleID=63623
So, you have a truck driver who started out in South Dakota, drove to California and was told he was not welcome and they had to get a new truck to make the final delivery.
Apparently, in California's mind, all the other States are wrong and California is right.
This delivery of a piece of machinery just cost someone a bunch of money and no one really knows why.
Just another reason why businesses should not ever begin in California, nor relocate or even stay in the bad for business state.

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