Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yawn, Just Another Slow News Day In The U.S.

Not much going on in the U.S. today, eh?
Oh wait, the elections in local, state and national races.
Obama confirms he is going to give ten's of millions of illegals amnesty.
A Fast and Furious document dump.
More evidence of journalists not doing their job.
The Republican Tim Scott became the first Black Southern U.S. Senator elected, proving once again that the Democrat party is a bunch of racists.
And finally, NASCAR suspended and fined a bunch of Rick Hendrick pit crew members for the fight on Sunday in Texas.
I'll comment on the elections later.
Right now I am watching a very old version of a Cheap Trick concert.
Sure, they can rock, but when you look like you were rocking with Fred Flintstone, it makes you want to listen to the concert instead of watching.
I also miss Bun E. Carlos, their old drummer.
However, their current drummer, Dak Nielsen, is also a class act.  When we saw Cheap Trick in Vegas, a young man who was severely disabled and in a wheelchair, was sitting in the front row and after the concert, Dak gave the young man his drum sticks and his gloves he used during the concert and his father, Rick gave him a bunch of guitar picks.

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