Thursday, May 8, 2014

And This Got Them Fired?

You have to admit, this is pretty funny.
From,Fire Firehouse: A gag photograph posted on the Internet cost two Glynn County firefighters their jobs.
Both were terminated by the Glynn County fire chief and county administrator.
The two are seen in the photograph pretending to administrator CPR to a dead deer in a county ambulance while on duty, county spokeswoman Candice Temple said.
The emergency medical technician and paramedic were fired shortly after the photo was brought to the attention of Glynn County fire captains and County Administrator Alan Ours, Temple said.
County officials said the men wrapped the deer in a sheet and put it in the back of the ambulance, something Temple said cannot be tolerated because of public health issues.
"We don't condone that behavior," Temple said. "Our No. 1 priority is public safety."
Temple said the combination of being on the clock and potentially contaminating the ambulance with diseases from a dead deer while publicly poking fun at the life-saving job they were hired to do was what prompted the decision by fire chief Al Thomas and county administrator Ours to terminate the men.
Officials became aware of the photo on April 28.
Ambulances have to be decomintated all the time after a particulary messy call, like a trauma or bad illness.
And I am the medics have had people more dirty than the deer.
And as far as I know, no one from the deer family complained.
as the photo silly?  Yep.
Was it appropriate?  Probably not.
Should they have been fired? Of course not.

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