Sunday, May 4, 2014

Maryweather Is Still A Thug

I will say it: Floyd Mryweather is a thug.  Despite what he does in the ring, he is a thug who beats up people weaker than he is and I will never give him any respect.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
Marcos Maidana succeeded in at least one area where Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s 45 previous opponents had failed: The Argentine contender flustered boxing’s pound-for-pound kingpin.
Mayweather was adamant no such thing happened in the fight, in which he defeated Maidana by majority decision (117-111, 116-112, 114-114) Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. But counterpunches or defensive stances could hide Mayweather’s unease after the fight, which several observers called the closest of the undefeated fighter's career.
The unified WBC and WBA welterweight champion arrived at the post-fight news conference angry, intent to spend the duration of the session patronizing Maidana.
Mayweather interrupted and demeaned Maidana for about 30 minutes before inciting a near-confrontation on the dais.
“Enough, Floyd,” Maidana said through his translator. “Just give me the (expletive) rematch and we’ll see what’s up.”
And Maryweather, who had a little lamb, had to resort to dirty tricks to win:
The crazy dispute between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana over which boxing gloves Maidana could wear was resolved overnight and their pay-per-view bout for the WBA and WBC welterweight titles at the MGM Grand is on.
That was hardly unexpected, as the controversy seems yet another attempt by Mayweather to get into Maidana's head.
Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer said he spoke to Mayweather adviser Al Haymon, who confirmed the bout is on. Schaefer said Mayweather will wear Grant gloves, while Maidana will fight in Everlast. Schaefer did not know specifically which brand of Everlast Maidana will wear, though the Nevada Athletic Commission had approved a stock pair of red Everlast MX gloves.
The commission on Friday had ruled that a pair of custom blue Everlast MX gloves were invalid and couldn't be worn. Mayweather claimed there was no padding in the knuckles of those gloves.
"Al assured me this is over and we're going forward with the fight," Schaefer said.
Everlast CEO Neil Morton defended his company's manufacturing process for the boxing gloves and said he believes the dispute was simply a case of Mayweather seeking a psychological edge.
Morton said the custom gloves are manufactured exactly the same way as the stock gloves and the only difference is a different color of leather is used. He said he is willing to cut the gloves open to prove that to anyone who questions the validity of his claim. He said he didn't understand why the custom gloves were ruled invalid.
Maryweather still refuses to fight Manny Pacquiao and because of this, he is still a pansy.
Maidana threw almost 1000 punches in the fight and if he was just a little more accurate, he would have won the fight, if the fight was outside of Las Vegas.
But because the fight was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and used Nevada judges, you have to wonder if the outcome was accurate.
I hope Maryweather gives Maidana a rematch and gives a Pacquiano a fight.  if he does this and wins both matches, then I will give Maryweather some respect.
But Maryweather likes to fight defenseless security guards, gets involved in shootings at local roller skating rinks and sent to jail for hitting an ex-girlfriend and threatened two of his children.
Maryweather is a thug and should not be mentioned in the same breath as Ali, Frazier,Marciano, Foreman and other great fighters.

Floyd Maryweather

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