Sunday, May 4, 2014

When Did We Declare On Yemen?

From the NY Daily News: Yemen's Al Qaeda branch says one of its local commanders has died from wounds he suffered during an attack by the Yemeni army and U.S. drones.
A Twitter account associated with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula issued a message saying Ali bin Likra al-Kazimy died Saturday after a military attack on one of its camps in the town of Mahfad last week.
Mahfad, where al-Kazimy was the leader, is located in a mountainous region in the country's south.
Government officials confirmed al-Kazimy's death.
The Yemeni army, backed by U.S. drone strikes and supported by local tribes, recently launched a campaign to drive Al Qaeda out of the southern provinces of Abyan and Shabwa.
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So, where are the anti-war nuts? Why aren't they protesting Obama and his use of drones in a country where we have not declared war in?
If this was Bush, they would be picketing the White House daily and demand his impeachent, but because Obama is a liberal, they give him a pass.
The liberals have been neutered.
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