Monday, May 5, 2014

Well, Thius Explains Senile Harry Reid's Outrage At Cliven Bundy

Thanks to a writer who gave me this link and information, it turns out that Senile/Liar/Coward Harry Reid owns 93 acres of land next to the Cliven Bundy ranch over in Bunkerville,.
From the GOPDaily
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While Senator Harry Reid professes that he is running the Bundy cattle off of public land because it’s the right thing to do, evidence indicates that Dirty Harry might have a personal interest in seeing that the Bundy’s join the other 52 ranchers they’ve run out of business.
Parcels held by an entity, Reid Bunkerville, LLC, which is partially owned by the Nevada Senator are in close proximity to the Bundy ranch.
The parcels appear to be in the path of future development, which may even involve a freeway interchange and loop, all west of Bunkerville in the same general area as those “trespass cattle.”
The parcel numbers below link to the Clark County Assessor’s Office, with all of the pertinent information and property descriptions shown.
They total 93.33 acres in size. 
Source: Before It’s News
Well, this explains quite a bit and the media in the Las Vegas area and nationally should be writing about this.
Senile/Coward/Liar/Land Stealer Reid is just a pathetic excuse of a person.
It's time for the Democrat Party to get a backbone and call for his resignation as Senator. 
Otherwise, when the Democrats get killed in their elections this year, they will have Reid to thank for their disastrous election results.
Thank you to the reader who sent in the link and to the sources for this story.

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