Monday, June 2, 2014

Great Moments CCSD In CCSD Education

Apparently, the wonderful administrators and the CCSD police department didn't look at the calendar and realize that it is at the end of the school year and graduation is right around the corner.
It is also the time for age old tradition of at least of a couple of years when students break into schools and tag the schools with spray paint and markers and other art supplies.
At our school, the graduating students of 2014 climbed over a 15 foot wall, wandered all over the quad (courtyard) and sprayed painted windows, walls and a statue of a jaguar, among other things.
Then they walked through an unlocked door, that should have been locked, and spray painted some more walls.
Apparently, the cops and administrators didn't learn from last weekend when another group of seniors did the exact same thing at our school.
And our school was not alone as Foothill High School was also hit with tagging from the graduating class of 2014 and those students also broke into the campus by climbing over the walls.
You would think the CCSD police, the local police agencies like Metro, Henderson and North Las Vegas would increase their patrols, monitor motion detectors and the administration could have put in place a plan of action on how to catch the students and set up additional cameras and monitors.
So, with thousands of worth of damage to our school over the past weeks and probably the same with Foothill in addition, with the students breaking laws including breaking and entering, vandalism and a few other charges, what do you think will happen?
A. Heads rolling?
B. People suspended?
C. Kids arrested?
D. Kids suspended or not walking in graduation?
E.  None of the above
And the answer is....
More than likely, E, none of the damn above.

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