Monday, June 2, 2014

My Last Week In CCSD

This week marks my last days in the Clark County School District.
I am leaving for many reasons, but this is one of them.
Earlier in the school year, a severely mentally disabled student was not put on their school bus at the end of the day by their teacher and classroom aide.
I helped find the student, 1 hour after school ended and the student should have been home.  They were found in a corner, crying, a long way from their classroom and the bus zone, where they were supposed to be picked up.
After I helped find the student, I asked the student if they were hurt and they pointed to their groin.  I asked the student if someone hurt them and they nodded yes.
They were turned over to a teacher and their parent was called.
There was no investigation.
There was nothing done to the teacher who neglected to put her on the school bus.
This is what constitutes teaching in CCSD.
And there will be more reported as the time goes by, like the time a school employee was put in jail for 2 weeks and nothing happened to that employee.

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