Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sad Day In Las Vegas

Today, apparently about 2 hours ago, 2 police officers were shot in cold blood and reportedly have been killed.  3 others were killed a Wal-Mart, though some of the dead in the Wal-Mart could have been the shooters.
We don't why, though it souds like someone had a beef with cops.  I doubt it was an anti-federal group doing it, but there those who will blame them.
But whatever the reason 2 cops will not being going hime to their families and at least 1 person from Wal-Mart won't be going home to their family.
A very sad day in the Las Vegas Valley.


  1. Hey, glad you're okay. I saw Walmart, and I thought about you.

  2. Going into work now and just a little nervous.
    Why Wal-Mart and not the Smiths across the street?