Wednesday, June 11, 2014

They are The Best That We Have

So, why all of a sudden has the United States become inudated by illegals.  Why now?
Why so many?
And how are kids crossing several countries, travelling hundreds if not thousands of miles with minimal support.
Maybe here is an answer.
From the Daily Caller:
President Obama’s senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett held a series of meetings with illegal immigrant activists during Obama’s first term and concluded that “They are the best that we have.”
Jarrett, a Chicago-era mentor to Obama and wife Michelle, is currently fighting to pass immigration reform legislation, in her words, “this summer.”
“I had met, maybe, a year-and-a-half ago, with about Four Dream Act kids,” Jarrett said in a 2012 conversation with Walter Isaacson at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival, video of which was posted by The Aspen Institute in 2014.
“I call them kids. They’re actually young adults,” Jarrett said. “They walked from Florida to Washington. Walked. And they wanted to see the president. And of course they couldn’t come into the White House because they’re here illegally, and they would have been picked up. And so I ventured across the street, across the park, to a church and I met them in the church. And I’ve now met with them four or five times. And each time I would leave in tears. Because they are exactly the kind of people we would want in this country.”
“They are the best that we have,” Jarrett later added.
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Seriously, they are the best that we have?
Tell those kids just graduating from high school in the United States that these illegals are better than them
Tell the college graduates.
Tell that to the high school athletes and scholars.
Tell that to the kids who go to high school and also work to raise money for college or a car.
But apparently, the Obama administration believes that illegal kids are better than kid ho live here.
How pathetic is that?

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