Tuesday, June 10, 2014


From Fox News: The cause that gripped the globe less than a month ago, when the horrific detail of the girls' abduction was followed by a vow from Boko Haram's leader to sell the young women, has only become more dire as time has passed. While the U.S. has not put boots on the ground to aid Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's effort to rout the terror group, it is advising local forces and operating an array of drones above the skies of northeastern Nigeria.
"Boko Haram's kidnappings and other deplorable attacks on civilians have not been forgotten about by the Defense Department," Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Myles Caggins told FoxNews.com. "We continue to work day and night to find these girls."
Caggins said a variety of manned and unmanned aircraft are being used to try to pinpoint the girls, who are believed to be held in one of several encampments in a lawless, 20,000-square-mile forest in northeastern Nigeria. The girls were taken April 15 from a school in Chibok in northern Nigeria. Dozens escaped, but the group's leader threatened on video to sell most of the remaining 276 schoolgirls into slavery if the government does not release detained militants.  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/06/10/us-steadfast-in-locating-kidnapped-nigerian-girls-while-boko-haram-strikes/
But then there is this: A top Nigerian military official said Monday that the government knows the whereabouts of several hundred kidnapped girls but cannot reveal their location and cannot use force to rescue them, according to the Web site of the Ogun state television service.
“The good news for the parents of the girls is that we know where they are, but we cannot tell you,” Air Marshal Alex Badeh, the government’s chief of defense staff, was quoted telling a group of visitors at his office in the capital, Abuja. He reportedly told the group, “Just leave us alone, we are working to get the girls back.”  http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/nigeria-says-it-has-found-missing-girls/2014/05/26/6a5b60e0-e524-11e3-a70e-ea1863229397_story.html
Who can you believe?
The Obama administration is known to lie and lie again and cannot be trusted.
And the Nigerian government cannot be trusted.
So, who is right?

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