Monday, July 14, 2014

And You're Not A Particularly Good Attorney General

From the NY Daily News: Attorney General Eric Holder slammed former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin Sunday over her call for President Obama to be impeached.
“She wasn't a particularly good vice presidential candidate,” Holder said on ABC’s ‘This Week. “She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why.”
Palin declared last week that Obama should be impeached over the immigration crisis and other issues, a call that even Congressional Republicans have dismissed.
Holder also brushed aside House Speaker John Boehner’s move to sue Obama for his use of executive powers to go around Congress.
“It's a more, I think, a political gesture than a truly legal one,” he told ABC. “Filing a lawsuit against the President that has no basis is not going to improve the quality of life for the American people.”
Eric Holder is a joke and embarrassment of an Attorney General.  He doesn't know the law, refuses to go after law breakers, is a big time racist and does nothing to help those in the inner city who are suffering from murders and violence victims.
He is so incompetent as a lawyer that Snuffy the Seal knows more about law than Holder does.
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  1. But the DOJ has time to investigate parade floats that mock the president:

    I'm sure Jimby will be by here with some dumbassed excuse why the guy had it coming to him.