Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Real Story Of CCSD Corruption

Today, a few people were indicted for theft of money and equipment from the Clark County School District.
From the LVRJ:
A former Clark County School District official was among five people indicted by a grand jury Friday in the theft of $289,000 in public funds from the district’s Adult English Language Acquisition Services program.
Priscilla Rocha, 66, the program’s politically active director who retired in April while under investigation, and the other defendants, including her son Jerome Rocha, face a total of 52 felony counts in the indictment.
The elder Rocha, a former elected member of the Nevada Board of Education, is charged with 26 counts of theft and 24 counts of unlawful use of public money in an elaborate scheme to enrich herself and others with cash and equipment stolen from the school district.
Her son, 44, who lives in New Mexico, is charged with 10 theft counts.
The other defendants are Donnie Placencia, 50, of New Mexico, who faces 10 theft counts; Andres Mendoza, 47, of Las Vegas, who is charged with theft, burglary and possession of stolen property; and Jaime Espitia 41, of Las Vegas, who faces two theft counts.
All five defendants were ordered to appear for arraignment Thursday before District Judge Valorie Vega.
According to the indictment, Priscilla Rocha between September and November 2011 stole 25 school district computers and other electronic equipment, valued at $13,600, and took the items to Ensenada, Mexico, to donate them to schools there.
The items are alleged to have been taken from the language acquisition program, which was shut down temporarily in March following a police raid.
At the time, the language program, designed to provide skills to non-English speaking adults, had a $1.1 million publicly funded budget and employed 22 workers. Five staff members, including Rocha, were suspended after the raid.
Since then, a scaled-back version of the program has been back in operation without Rocha, officials said Friday.
A couple of comments.
The defendants will walk regarding sending computers to Mexico.  Other schools refurbished computers and gave them away to students and maybe others, so what's a few computers to Mexico? 
As for as money crimes, if they were greedy, they might be convicted but let's face it, there is money corruption throughout the District, like spending special education money for regular education kids- a big federal no-no.
Then you have teachers who put severely disabled students in grave- potentially deadly danger and nothing happens to them.
Of course, then you have administrators sleeping with each other to get ahead.
So, what these guys did was supposedly bad., but nothing compares to what really goes on in the real world of CCSD.
So what these guys did is not that much when compared to what really goes on in CCSD.

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