Sunday, July 27, 2014

Words/Actions Have Meaning

Apparently, President Obama is just too stupid to understand that actions and words have meanings.
It appears that the cease fire between the terrorists of Hamas and Israel is over.
From Fox News: Israel said Sunday that it was resuming its ground offensive and airstrikes in the Gaza Strip early Sunday, closing a unilateral 24-hour cease-fire window after the Islamic militant group Hamas fired a salvo of rockets at southern Israel.
"Due to Hamas' incessant rocket fire during the humanitarian window, we are renewing our aerial, naval, and ground activity in Gaza," an Israel Defense Forces spokesman tweeted Sunday. The next tweet read, "The IDF has repeatedly urged the civilian population of Gaza not to approach combat zones."
The Israeli military said about a dozen rockets had been fired from Gaza since midnight Sunday, without causing any reported casualties or damage. Israel's Cabinet had decided to extend the cease-fire for 24 hours, until midnight Monday (5 p.m. Eastern Time Sunday), but warned that its military would respond to any fire from Gaza and would continue to demolish cross-border tunnels used by militants to stage attacks.
The rocket fire began late Saturday after Hamas, who have demanded the lifting of an Israeli and Egyptian blockade on the territory and the release of prisoners, refused to extend the truce.
"Once again Hamas is cynically using the people of Gaza as a human shield," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement.
So, why did Hamas not want the cease fire?
Perhaps they believe the support of the United States?
And why do they believe that?
Maybe the millions of dollars the U.S. gave Hamas for supposed humanitarian aide?
Maybe the negative words against Israel by Obama and John Kerry.
Maybe they see the horrible and biased reporting by the U.S. media who are anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.
Maybe they see the pro-terrorist poorly attended protests in the United States but the protests are well covered by the media.
Just as Obama implied that those coming to the United States illegally would get amnesty, perhaps Obama promised or implied something to the Hamas terrorists.
I just wonder what Obama implied or promised.

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