Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama Now Anti-Semite Bigot

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Now you can say that President is a bigot against Jews and Israel.
From Fox News: The United Nations Security Council called for an immediate halt to fighting in the Gaza Strip at an emergency session Sunday evening, but stopped short considering a draft resolution that would have called for Israeli forces to withdraw from the territory.
The draft resolution had been proposed by Jordan, which had requested the meeting of the Security Council as the Arab League's representative on the panel. A copy of the draft resolution obtained by the Associated Press expressed also expressed "grave concern" at the high numbers of Palestinian civilians reported killed in Gaza, including children. However, the Jordanian proposal was not discussed.
A press statement issued by the Security Council expressed "serious concern at the escalation of violence," called for the protection of civilians under international humanitarian law, and said it was troubled by the growing number of casualties. 
The Palestinian United Nations envoy, Ambassador Riyad Mansour, was disappointed. "We were hoping for the Security Council to adopt a resolution to condemn the aggression against our people," he told reporters. But he said Sunday's council statement was "a test" for Israel to see if it would comply.
Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin stepped out of the meeting briefly and complained to reporters that the council had been summoned to meet without a specific proposal to discuss.
"Why have this meeting?" Churkin asked. "The Security Council is put in a very awkward position. Obviously, nothing is going to come out of it."
How dare the Obama administration side with the Palestinian terrorists, especially with all the Muslim terrorism that has happened on U.S. soil, especially the terrorist acts during the Obama administration.
How dare Obama say that Israel cannot defend themselves against terrorism by the Muslims in Gaza.
It is too bad that children have been killed or injured, but who fault is that?  It is the Muslim terrorists in Gaza who are putting those children at risk by using them as human shields.
People used to mock Obama as a Muslim, mostly, tongue in cheek.
By his actions yesterday, I don't think there is any doubt that Obama sides with Muslims and Muslim terrorists.
And John Kerry is right behind our muslim president.

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