Monday, July 21, 2014

I'm Moving Soon

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Well, I've decided to leave Las Vegas in the next few weeks to take a teaching position in an area no liberal dares to tread.
At the end the last school year, I decided to leave the Clark County (Las Vegas) School district.  I have taught for 8 years in CCSD, working with some of the most severely mentally and physically disabled students in the District
There were 3 main reasons for this.
1.  My lower back is in such bad shape, I can not lift or bend, especially below my knee, and my job requires a lot of heavy lifting.  I also was unable to secure a transfer to a different job that I liked.
2.  I have seen so much abuse and neglect at our school and the administration and their supervisors covered it up.  I have seen a teacher forcing their severely disabled student to go without breakfast, refused to change students who soiled their diapers- making them sit in their soiled diapers for about 6 hours.  The same teacher also lost a severely mentally disabled student, who left campus unsupervised and the teacher was unaware the student left the school grounds, and then the student crossed a very busy street and was almost hit by a car.  The student was luckily found by an off duty school worker.  We also had a gay student harassed by another school staff member and the staff thought it was funny and the administration did nothing.  And the list of abuse and money abuse can go on and on.  I don't want be associated with these abuses and something bad will happen and I don't want to be tied to that either.
3.  Las Vegas has changed since I moved here 8 years ago, with Vegas being far more dangerous for my kids.  Drugs use is rampant by kids and with pot probably going to be legalized soon, that's not good for kids.  There is also a lot of gang violence and the schools are less safe.
So, I put my resume out on a teacher hiring web site, got a lot of jobs, interviews and job offers.
My choice was to move to central-western Nevada, in the middle of no where or move to northern Arizona. 
In the end, I took Arizona because it is still close to Vegas, but far enough away from the big city troubles.  Plus the cost of living is much, much cheaper.  Like $3.40 a gallon for gas, $1.80 for a gallon of milk and rental of a 3 bdr  2 bath home with a big lot for $650 a month.
So, in a couple of weeks, I will be moving, but keeping the blog, though I may have to modify the name of the blog.
My only concern is that I might be too liberal for Northern Arizona.

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  1. Wish you and your family the best with your upcoming move.