Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is Holder Delaying Justice In Illinois?

From the Chicago Sun Times: The U.S. attorney overseeing a probe of Gov. Pat Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative anti-violence program ramped up the pressure Tuesday on a legislative panel to steer clear of calling any potential criminal witnesses to testify.
U.S. Attorney James A. Lewis wrote the co-chairs of the Legislative Audit Commission to reiterate a request made last week of the panel from an aide to Attorney General Eric Holder not to seek testimony for 90 days from any of seven subpoenaed witnesses involved in the rollout and implementation of the $54.5 million program. The witnesses are all former members of Quinn’s inner circle.
The bi-partisan, 12-member panel is scheduled to start a two-day hearing Wednesday in Chicago.“The assistant attorney general made that request to the commission on behalf of the Department of Justice and our office because we are conducting an ongoing criminal investigation as to conduct associated with NRI,” Lewis said....An attorney for one of the star witnesses, former Illinois Violence Prevention Authority executive director Barbara Shaw, said he and his client have not been given any indication of what to expect Wednesday.
Shaw’s lawyer, John Theis, would not say whether she would answer questions before the committee or assert her 5th Amendment rights.
This is a Democrat Attorney General of the United States who is as corrupt as they come and a Democrat governor of Illinois.
Because of Eric Holder use of politics in running the Attorney Generals office, the office cannot be trusted to act in good faith when it deals with politicians.
On the other hand, the AG's office has prosecuted Democrats in the past, so this is a tough call- politics or a criminal investigation.
Sadly, it has to come to this- you cannot trust the Attorney General to act in an ethical manner.

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