Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too Funny

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From Blue Nation Review: Mark the date: June 23, 2014. That’s the day that the lawless Barack Obama took his tyranny one step too far.
President Obama, you can use the IRS to trample your political enemies. You can divert the entire defense budget to your cronies in Big Solar. You can sell Vin Diesel to Mexican drug cartels. You can cover up your secret role in orchestrating the Benghazi attacks.
But no one reaches over the sneeze guard at Chipotle, Mr. President. No one.
You may have the power to order a nuclear strike on any city in the world. You might be able to veto any bill Congress sends to your desk. But that doesn’t mean that your fingers aren’t still covered in germs, germs that I don’t want anywhere near my corn salsa.
Seriously, Mr. President. Gross.
It’s one thing to destroy America’s health care system with a socialist scheme that has totally failed and is ruining our economy. It’s another thing entirely to designate yourself the 21st century Typhoid Mary by spreading your disgusting germs via a burrito bowl-based disease vector.
On the other hand, it shows that Obama's communication skills are a bit underwhelming when he can't order some Mexican food without having to reach over the guard and point out what he wanted.

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