Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washoe Schools Superintendent Doesn't have Teaching/Administrator License

Exclusive (meaning, I am the first one to figure this out)
Yesterday, it was reported that Pedro Martinez, former Superintendent of the Washoe County school District was fired because he supposedly wasn't a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).
From the Las Vegas Sun:  The Washoe County School District has removed superintendent Pedro Martinez from his job with little explanation in a move that surprised Reno city officials who embraced his hiring two years ago and is raising questions about whether school board trustees followed the state's open-meetings law.
Martinez, who helped shepherd the district through a deadly schoolyard shooting and had taken a lead role in pushing tax increases to boost education spending, said he believes he was terminated unfairly in a dispute over his resume.
His lawyer, William Peterson, questioned Wednesday whether the board violated Nevada's open-meetings law when it reportedly decided at a public workshop on Tuesday to remove Martinez from his job.
Martinez said the board claimed he misrepresented his credentials as a certified public accountant, despite the fact he provided documentation proving he passed the CPA exam.
Martinez provided a copy of his CPA certificate which he got in 1992.
But the facts are these.  Martinez is not a current CPA and was never was a CPA in Nevada.
But this information is minor and it should have been resolved when he was hired.
Perhaps, a more import issue may be this.
When you look up the name Pedro Martinez under the Nevada Department Education web site, under teacher licensure, (, his name is not listed in their database.  In other words, unless he used a different name, he is not licensed to teach or be a school superintendent in Nevada. (according to his contract, he uses the name, Pedro Martine and there is no Pedro Martinez listed)  If he uses another name, then let him correct it.  And he never has had any type of license since he came to Nevada.
So, this may be the reason why he was fired.


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    1. The issue isn't the bogus CPA allegation--the issues are the district and the board broke the law and violated his contract. The district has long operated above the law. Re his lack of ed credentials--that is old news and apparently legal or the board wouldn't have hired him in the first place. He did NOT lie about the CPA thing--this was nothing but a b.s. allegation to help get rid of somebody the board didn't regard as enough of a "yes man." WCSD has long done this to teachers and other lower-level employees and gotten away with it. I am glad Martinez is fighting back.