Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama Golfs, Fund Raises Whole World Burns

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With Russia's help, terrorists shoot down a Malaysian airliner, killing almost 300 people.
The war in Gaza is spinning out of control/
Iraq is in chaos.
Iran is getting close to getting the nuclear bomb.
Afghanistan is spinning out of control.
ObamaCare still sucks.
Unemployment is still high.
The IRS scandal.
The VA scandal.
The illegal Immigration/no border security scandal.
Inner City violence is out of control, especially in his hometown of Chicago.
So, what does President Obama to show he is in charge and actually cares about what is going in the country and the world?
He goes golfing, of course.
From the NY Daily News: The White House defense is that dramatic changes in a President's schedule can prompt undue alarm. In addition, they rightly note the ease of staying in touch from anywhere and never really being out of position.
Thus, on the way to Manhattan, he called world leaders from Air Force One (the plane circled longer than normal above the city to give him time).
Once there, he went into a den at Trump Place Apartments and talked to top advisers via a secure phone line before heading into a private fund-raiser.
But the optics are risky and allow critics to allege he's not exuding the image of a man in charge.
He's now closing in on 180 rounds of golf as President, compared to 24 at this stage for President George W. Bush.
On the fund-raising front, he's nearing the 400 mark, compared to about 220 for Bush at this same period in a second term.
Of course, there's also one admission that could counter the critics, but it's not one the White House wants to make.
In a situation like Gaza, American influence is limited. Whether in a sand trap or the Situation Room, we can't dictate a solution.
No matter where he is, a golf loving Fundraiser-in-Chief can't tell Hamas or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu what to do.
And he is being slammed by a liberal, not a flaming conservative.
Just another reason why no one respects this guy.

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