Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Obama Failure

Wouldn't it be nice if we actual competent president and secretary of state?
From the San Fran Chronicle: Pro-Moscow rebels piled nearly 200 bodies from the downed Malaysian jetliner into four refrigerated boxcars Sunday in eastern Ukraine, and cranes at the crash scene moved big chunks of the Boeing 777, drawing condemnation from Western leaders that the rebels were tampering with the site.
The United States, meanwhile, presented what it called "powerful" evidence that the rebels shot down the plane with a Russian surface-to-air missile and training. Although other governments have stopped short of accusing Russia of actually causing the crash, the U.S. was ahead of most in pointing blame on Moscow for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 that killed all 298 people aboard.
"Russia is supporting these separatists. Russia is arming these separatists. Russia is training these separatists," Secretary of State John Kerry said on CNN's "State of the Union."
Leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Australia spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone late Sunday, urging him to use his influence on the separatists to ensure the victims could be repatriated and international investigators could have full access to collect evidence. They said European foreign ministers will be meeting in Brussels Tuesday to consider further sanctions on Russia.
NATO should have secured the scene from the Russians, after first giving them an ultimatum- you leave voluntarily or you will leave in body bags.  Even the Netherlands are calling for NATO action.
But with Obama, it has been his mantra since he was president that the United States is just like all other countries instead of being the world's only true super power.  He doesn't like it when the United States is held in high esteem and that is why, when first elected, when on his apology tour.
It doesn't help that he has pissed off our friends with spying or breaking promises.
Now, the other countries just laugh at us because we are basically irrelevant and we have little influence in the world these days.
Just more evidence that liberal ideas just don't work.
And how has that worked out?

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