Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Poor Obamaville: Obamaite vs Union Thug For Mayor?

ObamaVille Union Thug
You have to feel sad for those who live in ObamaVille/Chicago as the city gears up for the next mayor's race.
From the Chicago Sun Times: Karen Lewis’ potential bid for Chicago Mayor has moved beyond just a thought — it’s  an “organic,” growing movement, the fiery Chicago Teachers Union president said.
Lewis revealed on Monday she already has an unofficial exploratory committee in the works, a chairperson has been named and her camp is working to have a representative in each of the city’s 77 neighborhoods. 
Since an Early & Often poll released Sunday put Lewis at a 9-percentage-point advantage over Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Lewis’ phone has been ringing non-stop, she said.“They’ve been coming from all over the country,” Lewis said in an interview Monday. “Facebook is blowing up. Twitter is blowing up.”Lewis lashed out at Emanuel camp’s initial response to the poll published by the Sun-Times political portal. An Emanuel political spokesman called the poll numbers “laughable.”
“There are a variety of ways to look at these problems, but laughable isn’t one of them,” said Lewis, the mayor’s top critic during the closing of 50 schools. “That is how people feel — that they’ve been laughed at and ignored.” 
Lewis said she’s still not made a final decision on whether to enter the contest. 
But she is already thinking about strategy. That involves drilling down to the community level on resident concerns and having a representative for each of the city’s 77 official community areas.   http://politics.suntimes.com/article/chicago/karen-lewis-inches-closer-run-%E2%80%94-crafting-exploratory-committee/tue-07152014-1251am
Lewis is just a union thug for the Chicago teacher's union and she led a strike of the overpaid teachers there a couple of years ago, putting thousands and thousands of kids on the street to cause trouble.
She cares more for her union and incompetent teachers than she does about the everyday hard working people of Chicago.
And she would run against Obamaite, Rahm Emmanuel, who is truly incompetent and really has no interest in all the violence in Chicago.  He cares more about the signage at the Cubs Wrigley than kids getting shot execution style or little kids who should be riding a merry-go-round as opposed to riding in a hearse.
Some choice, Chicago.  Maybe a third candidate can show up and actually help the citizens of ObamaVille instead hurting/killing it.

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