Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Idiocy of the Las Vegas Sun

Today, the liberal Las Vegas newspaper, the Las Vegas Sun puts out another looney tune editorial.
From the editorial:
In April, rancher Cliven Bundy created a dangerous standoff in Bunkerville, as he and a group of self-styled militiamen faced down federal law enforcement officers trying to carry out a handful of court orders.
The Bureau of Land Management moved this spring to remove Bundy’s cattle but was met with force. The confrontation ended after federal officers retreated in the face of heavily armed militia types clearly willing to engage in battle.
Unfortunately, this situation is bigger than one rancher; it’s the sign of a growing movement of anti-government extremists in the West. A new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center outlines the dangers as well as the views of some of Bundy’s supporters. Recent comments by Sheriff Doug Gillespie also sound the alarm.
The question is how society will respond. It is baffling to us to see continued arguments in favor of Bundy and his supporters. Consider:
The report: The Southern Poverty Law Center said there has been an incredible rise in anti-government extremist groups. When President Barack Obama took office, the center counted about 150 groups. The number now surpasses more than 1,000. And judging by the news, they are active.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is it itself a racist organization.  While they quick to point out all the white and conservative hate groups, some legitimate hate groups, others not so, in all their research, they have found only 1 group of Black racists- Black Separatists and only 4 or so groups in that group- the largest, the Nation of Islam and could only find a couple more groups.  No mention of Rainbow Push, Jesse Jackson's organization, Al Sharpton and his supporters etc.  No mention of Hispanic hate groups that support hate and anarchy like La Raza.
So to quote them shows the ignorance of Sun editorial board.
Finally, look at the anarchy of what is going on our Southern border and huge influx of illegals.  That area is in real anarchy because of the incompetence or deliberate actions by Obama and Democrats.  The silence of the Sun is deafening.

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