Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Some Simple Questions

According to United States Law, all children under the age of 18 are entitled to a free and appropriate education, regardless of their legal standing in the United States.
That means every kid who has come over the border illegally since the beginning of the year, all 52,000 or of them, are entitled to a free and appropriate education.
All Special Education children have to have an evaluation and IEP meeting within about 45 days.
If the child does not speak English, they are entitled to English Language Learner services.
If a parent needs translation for any IEP meeting, a translator needs to present.
With a school year fast approaching and the Obama administration allowing as many kids in the U.S. as possible and deporting fewer and fewer, how does the U.S. plan on educating these kids?
Who is going to pay for the education?  Local school districts?  Is the U.S. government going to hire thousands of teachers?
Who is going to provide the special education services. especially when there is already a shortage of Special Ed. teachers?
And look for a lawsuit when these kids are not educated.  Calling the ACLU.  Calling Slip and Fall lawyers.   Calling any lawyer with experience in education and special education lawsuits.

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