Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Las Vegas Metro Sinks To A New Low

Up until I have supported Metro in 99% of all cases involving the Las Vegas Metro Police department and sheriff Doug Gillespie.
Today, I think I have lost my respect for Metro and especially it's leadership.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
Metro Police announced today that they will no longer detain immigrants based solely on a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
The policy change was made after recent court decisions raised questions about the constitutionality of local police detaining immigrants based only on an immigration detainer request from ICE, Metro Police officials said.
As a result, Metro will only observe such requests from ICE if it can present a judicial determination of probable cause or a warrant from a judicial officer, police said.
“This change has nothing to do with me taking a stand on the immigration issue” Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie said. “It has more to do with a situation we’ve found ourselves in and this is the best thing to do until the feds figure it out."  http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2014/jul/14/metro-wont-detain-immigrants-ice-requests/
Bull crap, Gillespie.  If another police agency asked you to hold on to a subject who violated laws, you would hold them.
You detain and hold people for 48 hours without a court hearing.
You are supposed to uphold the law.  By catching and then releasing illegals, you are allowing criminals to enter the population and commit more crimes.
Finally and most importantly, you and the DA can come up with high bail for these illegals to ensure they make it to court.  Bail ensures that you ensure you show up to court when required.  You know, most illegals caught for breaking the law won't show up for their court appearances, so, jack up the bail amount for illegals. 
So, I call BS on Metro and Gillespie.

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