Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Look What I'm Doing Mom" Thump

Another brave idiot out there who may qualify for the Darwin Award for stupidity resulting in death or serious injury.
From the NY Daily News: A 16-year-boy was listed in critical condition after he slammed into a concrete overpass while riding on a double-decker bus in Los Angeles County.
The unidentified teen was part of a private party that had rented the sight-seeing bus from Star Line tours, which conducts tourist tours in the Hollywood area.
The bus was carrying 45 passengers, most of them teens, accompanied by adult chaperones, who were apparently downstairs, KNBC-TV reported.
It was traveling about 45 mph when it passed under a concrete bridge on Interstate 405 near Inglewood.
The boy was knocked from the vehicle and landed on the right shoulder of the freeway, California Highway Patrol Officer Tony Polizzi said.
Investigators are checking witness accounts that the teens were dancing on the upper level of the bus when the boy stood on his seat, facing the rear of the vehcile, and began to dance.
Sadly, the bus company will be sued for the kid's stupidity. 

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