Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Field Trip To The Las Vegas IRS

Last week, I had to travel to the Las Vegas IRS for some tax issues.  No, I am not blaming politics for me being there... I think.
First, it was kind of scary that the IRS building is just 2 blocks away from the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.  I guess that is used as a deterrent- you cheat the IRS, you go straight tot he Mission, broke and homeless.
After going through the metal detector, you go into a very large room with rows of chairs facing the side of the room.
Another strange feeling is that there are pictures of Obama, Biden and I guess, the IRS director looking over your shoulders.
The first time I went, I waited about 45 minutes to be seen.  The second time, early on a Friday morning, less than 10 minutes.
Both times, I met with an agent, I think her name was Lena.
She was a pleasant lady but was no nonsense.  She didn't mess around and gave me the information I needed. 
Unfortunately, these agents work in cubicles with walls about 5 feet tall.  The problem with this is that you can hear what goes on next door to you and you have no privacy.  So, you can hear other people's tax problems and they can hear about your problems.
But in the end, my experience at the IRS was straight forward and I got my issues resolved. 
Now, if I can get my shirt and pants back that they took off me in lieu of cash, then I will be happy.
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