Saturday, July 19, 2014

Someone(s) Screwed Up Big Time

From the Las Vegas Sun:
The nine-vehicle crash that killed a woman Wednesday on Interstate 15 began when the driver of the car she was in swerved while driving illegally on the shoulder to avoid a parked car.
Traffic was congested at the time due to a crash just south of the Charleston Boulevard exit, so speeds were reduced, according to NHP Trooper Loy Hixson. The exact motive for Muya driving on the shoulder is unknown, but investigators suspect he was trying to pass cars out of impatience.
According to the Highway Patrol: Muya was traveling at a faster speed than other cars when a Freeway Service Patrol van parked on the shoulder ahead came into view. He veered to the left to avoid the van, but the Camry started spinning counter-clockwise and hit a Hummer H2 in the lane to the left. Muya’s Camry flipped and landed on top of another Camry just ahead of the Hummer. Muya’s Camry then separated from the car and continued sliding on its roof across the traffic lanes and stopped.
By the end of the accident, nine vehicles were involved.
Musa was found in the overturned Camry hours after the crash. She was pronounced dead on the scene.
Ok, the driver was at fault for the accident by speeding and acting like a jerk who thought he had to get to a place before anyone else.   Actually, I get that in Vegas.
But for the fire department and highway patrol to miss finding the victim for several hours after the accident is just plain incompetence and an open invitation for a law suit in case the victim had a chance to be saved if she had been found earlier.
This is just plain laziness on the part of the ambulance crew, the first responders from the engine and/or heavy rescue unit, if they were at the scene and the highway patrol for not finding the victim within the first few minutes of the emergency call.
Heads need to roll, including the supervisors of the fire dept. and highway patrol.
This is just inexcusable for first responders not finding a victim of an accident scene within the first few minutes off arriving, especially where the damage was minimal, as seen in the picture above.

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