Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Even In Liberal San Francisco, Obama Gets Blasted

From the San Fran Chronicle: Both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are in the Bay Area Wednesday, but don't expect the two most prominent Democrats in the country to cross paths on their separate trips - where she's getting the buzz, and he's getting the blowback.
Clinton, who is considering a 2016 White House bid, has made headlines with a jam-packed Bay Area schedule this week, ranging from stops at social media kings Google, Facebook and Twitter on Monday to her planned appearance Wednesday at a children's education event in Oakland.
Meanwhile, Obama's 18th visit to the Bay Area as president - an in-and-out fundraising stop - is handing GOP opponents an opportunity to needle him for hitting up wealthy donors for contributions at a time of international crises.
Even some loyal partisans say they're scratching their heads about the president's strategy.
"It defies every principle," Garry South, former adviser to Gov. Gray Davis and a Democratic consultant, said of Obama's pure-fundraising itinerary. "Official activities should always drive the schedule."
There is a time to act presidential and a time to fund raise and Obama and his staff are not smart enough to figure out that it looks bad to go and play when things are crumbing around him.
George Bush knew it.  After 9/11, he stopped playing golf.  Yes, it was symbolic, but he new it looked bad.
No one in the White House has told Obama that it looks bad to fund raise and go golfing when the world is crumbling.

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