Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Strange In Reno Schools

From the Reno Gazette Journal:
A guarded Washoe County School District Board of Trustees unexpectedly announced Tuesday that Superintendent Pedro Martinez is out of a job, providing few details for his departure.
"Effective immediately, Pedro Martinez has been relieved of his duties as superintendent of the Washoe County School District," board President Barbara Clark said during a hastily called press conference. "We are in discussions with Mr. Martinez, and for legal reasons we cannot share the details."
However, in a short interview late Tuesday, Martinez said the board claimed he misrepresented his credentials as a certified public accountant when he was a candidate for the position.
"I was accused of something that is basically untrue," Martinez said. "They accused me of lying about being a licensed CPA."
He said he showed board members that he passed the CPA exam and provided them the documentation.
"I am shocked," he said. "I am heartbroken at the same time."
The fallout from Martinez's departure is still unclear, but he said he is speaking to an attorney. His annual salary was $238,000, and his contract ran through July 31, 2016.
Something strange is going on.
I don't believe this is an issue about Martinez being a CPA.  It's not a job requirement for him and he has experience as a CFO, so that is a false issue, so I believe Martinez is lying.
So, something else is going on.  Maybe he lied about something else, but if it was during the application process, he was hired in June 2012, 2 years ago, so unless it was something huge, like he didn't graduate from college, this should have been discovered before he was hired.
And for him to be fired so suddenly, something major had to have happened. 
What, I don't know, but he will land on his feet, if only because his name is Hispanic and Hispanics are in demand in the education field.
It will be interesting if he ends up in Las Vegas. If he does, whatever happened in Reno wasn't a big deal.  If he isn't, then maybe he isn't BFF with the Superintendent of CCSD or the issue was quite a big issue.
It will be interesting to see what really what happened.

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