Sunday, July 13, 2014

Yawn: It's The World Cup Finale

Today ends the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
The one thing we learned is that was really stupid to hold the world cup in Brazil because of the horrible weather at some of the venues.  Playing in a rainforest is not very smart, especially when you have fantastic athlete falling over with cramps caused by the extreme heat and humidity.  The only thing missing was a monkey running out onto the field. 
It was like playing in Las Vegas during a monsoon rain, when the temps. are 100+ and humidity at 100%.  It's not pretty.
As for the games, there were 2.8 goals per game in the group stage on average.  Yeah, that's exciting.
Then you have the Netherlands.  They never lost a game in regulation and extended time, yet they came in 3rd in the World Cup because they could not make more penalty kicks than Argentina in the semi-finals. 
Then there was the farce of game between Germany and the U.S..  The U.S. played like they didn't want to win and Germany just toyed with the U.S., giving maybe a 10% effort before scoring 1 goal to win the game.
And the biggest topic of the cup?  When the human biter, Suarez, decided to eat his 3rd opponent of his career and he is suspended for 4 months for his cannibalism.
Finally, how can you respect a sport where there are so many crybabies, fakers of injuries and floppers.  It seems that 90% of the time a player is touched, they flop down to the ground and act like their kidneys were pulled through their penis without any painkillers.  And then 3 minutes later, the same player that was near death moments before is up and running around.  They must have had some serious prayers to Pope John Paul 2 and Mother Theresa to be healed so quickly.
So, good riddance to the World Cup for another 4 years.  I'll be watching NASCAR and it's drive around in a circle for 300 miles tomorrow instead of the World Cup because NASCAR is a little more exciting.  At least the crashes aren't faked.

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