Sunday, July 13, 2014

You Got To Be Kidding

This is a head shaker.
From the Brian Greenspun, a member of the Las Vegas Badger Hall of Shame for refusing to respond to questions and having me banned from the Sun comments section because he didn't like what I said.
From the Greenspun and the Sun:
"Congratulations, your father would be very proud of you.”
What all of those well-wishers were really saying, I believe, is that the Las Vegas Sun — the newspaper my father started in 1950 and lived, breathed and slept with until the day he died — would continue to live now that it was in my hands and out of the control of people who had a different idea.
Believe me, those good wishes were a welcome sign after too many years of fighting to save the newspaper I had grown up with and was committed to keeping alive no matter the cost. And, believe me again, while I am not allowed to discuss what I paid to make that deal happen, the cost was very dear.
But worth it!
What I now own is a company with some of the best reporters, editors, designers, salespeople and dreamers in the news industry. If the Las Vegas Sun and its sister publications survive and prosper in the coming years, it will be because of the hard work, dedication and imagination of the people who call the Greenspun Media Group home.
The truth is that no one has figured out yet how news organizations across the country — those which have dedicated themselves to providing the best and most credible news and information to the communities they serve — will make the kind of living necessary to continue to fulfill the role protected and encouraged by the First Amendment to the Constitution. The entire industry is in a state of flux.
Greenspun is so full of himself.  While he may think his father would be proud of him, I'm pretty sure the elder Greenspun would roll around in his grave for the lack of journalism at the Sun.
The Elder Greenspun was a liberal but he would also take on anybody who was corrupt.
Brian Greenspun is the biggest supporter of Harry Reid, the most corrupt politician in Nevada history.
He kills negative stories about Reid and he fires reporters who dare question Reid with hard questions instead of throwing softballs.  Those reporters leaving the Sun who asked tough questions are Jon Ralston and Anjeanette Damon.
And the Sun never has questioned Felony Thief Dina Titus about her lack of knowledge when she was basically fired from UNLV for incompetence but still collected a salary and pension.
And the only people the Sun goes after are conservative politicians.  When was the last time you saw a negative story about President Obama and his scandals?
No, Papa Greenspun would not be happy Brian Greenspun has taken over the Las Vegas Sun.  Instead he is wondering why his son sold out the values of the elder Greenspun and why Brian sold his soul to the devil.

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