Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The School Had The Right To

From the LVRJ: A woman said Monday that she was expelled from a private, Christian college in suburban Oklahoma City because she married her same-sex partner.
Christian Minard, 22, said she received a letter last week from the university notifying her of the expulsion after returning from her honeymoon in Las Vegas. Minard said she did not know how the university learned of her March 17 marriage in Albuquerque, New Mexico, though she did say she posted her marriage license on Facebook.
“I’m not friends with anyone from my university. And there have been pictures of us because we’ve been in relationship for 3½ years, and no one ever said word,” Minard said.
University Academic Vice President and Provost Connie Sjoberg said Minard had been a student at the school in the Oklahoma City suburb of Bethany but no longer was. She said federal privacy laws kept her from providing details.
“We are limited in what we can discuss,” Sjoberg said. “We would definitely love to address that (reason for expulsion), but we need permission from the individual to speak in depth.”
Minard admitted that she violated her signed student conduct code, known as a lifestyle principal, which prohibits homosexual relationships. The code also includes prohibitions on smoking, drinking, cheating, premarital sex, discrimination, harassment and profanity.
“I do acknowledge to breaking that covenant,” Minard said, but she said other students break the code without facing consequences.  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nation-and-world/woman-expelled-college-after-gay-marriage
The school had every right to kick her out and she should expect zero sympathy, though she will get a lot.
At age 22, she was probably close to graduating, so she could have waited, but chose not to..
She knew the rules and she made the choice to break them and since she made it known she married, the college had no choice but to expel her.  She challenged the college's core beliefs and they had to act.
So, good luck to Minard at the public school, where they will accept her beliefs.

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