Sunday, November 2, 2014

At The Sunday Night Fights, A NASCAR Race Breaks Out

From ESPN: Brad Keselowski's face was puffy, and he took a couple quick drinks of water to wash the blood from his mouth. So close to a big playoff win, Jeff Gordon was left with a cut on his lip.
The Chase for the Sprint Cup championship took another intense turn Sunday night when past champions Gordon and Keselowski were a part of a brawl after Jimmie Johnson won his third consecutive Texas fall race....
While Johnson celebrated his fourth victory at Texas and 70th Sprint Cup win overall, fireworks exploded in the sky -- and on pit road.
An irate Gordon stopped his car right by Keselowski and confronted him. There were plenty of punches thrown, with NASCAR officials in the middle of crew members and others around Keselowski's No. 2 car.
"I couldn't even tell you what happened," said Keselowski, who confirmed he was hit by someone. "Just a melee of people."
It seemed the only contact among drivers was when Kevin Harvick shoved Keselowski in the back to push him into the fracas, and Gordon briefly appeared to grab hold of Keselowski's firesuit.
All the punches thrown appeared to come from crew members -- including a member of Gordon teammate Kasey Kahne's team who appeared to land several shots on Keselowski from behind.
Gordon was leading on a restart on lap 335, one more than the race's scheduled length, when he took the outside lane. When Gordon drifted up a bit, Keselowski pushed through the gap, and made contact that left Gordon's car with a cut tire.
In public, I am sure NASCAR is wagging their fingers at the drivers and crew and saying shame on you.
But behind the scenes, you know NASCAR is loving it because it draws in ratings, at least at the end of the race.
And the only thing that will end these pit road fights is when someone, official, driver, crew member gets seriously hurt.
Personally. I find it kind of funny watching these multi-millionaires trying to fight.

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