Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker Wins Wisconsin!!!!

For me, this was the most important race in the United States and now, Fox News has declared Scott Walker the winner, beating a nobody Democrat.
Walker was the target of most liberals and is the most hated conservative currently in the U.S..  And the race wasn't even that close.
Unions, both government and private sector unions poured money into the race in hopes of Walker defeat.  They lost.
President Obama campaigned and other big name Democrats came to Wisconsin to campaign against Walker.  They lost.
The media, especially those in Wisconsin were completely biased against Walker.  they lost.
The extremely dirty politics were played by liberal judges, district attorneys and other elected officials.  They lost.
And the completely morally bankrupt web site, http://cognidissidence.blogspot.com/, the most hateful, deceitful group of Walker cyber stalking bloggers, lost big time and for that, I am extremely happy.
And all the hissing you hear right about now is the air escaping from the brainless heads of the liberals who have hated Governor Scott Walker.
So, congratulations to Governor Scott Walker, for beating the liberals the 3rd time as governor and before that, 2 times as County Executive in liberal Milwaukee County.
So, hopefully, onto 2016 and a presidential run.
BTW, who predicted that Walker would win easily?  I did... in January.

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