Tuesday, November 4, 2014

That's Just Plain Gross

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From the NY Daily News: German firefighters had to wear gas masks to save a 350-pound man who had not washed in five years.
Firefighters also were forced to wear biohazard suits, pictures from 7aktuell.de show. Neighbors of the bed-ridden German man even worried they were targets of a chemical attack.
One firefighter described conditions in the 65-year-old's apartment as "absolute hell,” and they described being knee-deep in trash, including pizza boxes, food and cans.
They even had to knock the front door down because there was too much debris to push it open.
The man was too big to exit through the front door and had to be lowered to an ambulance using a crane.
Rescuers were told that the man had not been able to wash for five years and lived exclusively on take-out food, according to The Mirror http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/rescuers-wear-gas-masks-save-obese-man-hadn-bathed-5-years-article-1.1998491
So, the guy was able to get McDonalds for the guy but were unable to help him take a bath or get help for the guy?

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