Monday, November 3, 2014

If This Greatly Offends You, Don't Become A U.S. Senator

From Fox News: Senate Republican candidate Joni Ernst told Fox News on Monday she was "greatly offended" after retiring Sen. Tom Harkin -- the Iowa Democrat she's hoping to replace -- suggested her looks are a factor in her surging campaign. 
“I think it’s unfortunate that [Harkin] and many of their party believe that you can’t be a real woman if you’re conservative and if you’re female,” Ernst said. “Again, I am greatly offended about that.”
Harkin then compared the candidate to singer Taylor Swift.
“I don’t care if she’s as good looking as Taylor Swift or as nice as Mr. Rogers, but if she votes like Michele Bachmann, she’s wrong for the state of Iowa,” Harkin said.
Though Harkin spoke at a Democratic barbecue last week, his comments gained traction after BuzzFeed posted a video of it Sunday night.
If Joni Ernst is greatly offended what the old senile soon to be ex-senator, Tom Harkin says, then get out of the politics business because you are going to hear a whole lot worse from some of the people who will hate you because you are a conservative woman.  you think Roseanne Barr and Whoopee Goldberg are going to praise you?  Hell no, they are going to call you a traitorous bitch because you are a conservative woman, who ran away from the liberal plantation.
So, grow up Joni because if you win, what the senile Harkin said will be nothing compared to what liberal women who think you betrayed them will say.

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