Monday, November 3, 2014


I know you have to be an optimist to be the manager of a major league baseball team, but when you manage the Chicago Cubs, you also have to be a realist.
From the Chicago Sun Times:
New Cubs manager Joe Maddon told reporters at his introductory press conference Monday at The Cubby Bear that he won’t shy away from talking about the playoffs and the World Series.
Even with a team that hasn’t won a championship since 1908.
“I’m gonna be talking playoffs next year,” Maddon said. “I’ll tell you that right now. I can’t go to spring training and say anything else. You have to set your goals high, because if you don’t set them high enough you might hit your mark, and that’s not a good thing. We’re gonna talk World Series this year, and I’m gonna believe it. It’s in our future.”
Asked why he wanted to accept a job that is “cursed,” Maddon didn’t hesitate.
“The challenge is so outstanding,” Maddon said, “how could you not want to be in this seat?”
World Series?  Playoffs?  In 1 year?  Seriously?
Maddon is an older coach, so maybe his age is clouding his judgment.
Or he mixed a little vodka with his Gatorade.

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