Monday, November 3, 2014

Interesting View

From the LVRJ and Glenn Cook:
Tuesday’s election could see a top-to-bottom slaughter of Nevada Democrats, thanks to the policies, politics and priorities of the state party’s CEO, the U.S. Senate majority leader.
Early voting ended Friday, and the totals show an incredibly depressed, disconnected Democratic base. Although active registered Democrats outnumber active registered Republican voters by more than 60,000 statewide, Republicans are voting in greater raw numbers than Democrats. Suddenly, Republicans have a shot at sweeping statewide offices and taking control of both chambers of the Legislature.
Blame Harry. Nevada Democrats are staying home because of three critical Reid missteps.
1. Reid is so preoccupied with helping U.S. Senate candidates outside Nevada win re-election — and keeping his job as majority leader — that he isn’t pulling any levers to crank up the turnout machine that won him a fifth term in 2010 and swung the state to President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.
2. Reid failed to run a viable Democratic candidate against popular Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, surrendering the state’s biggest race. Democrats had no one to champion the party brand throughout the 2014 campaign, and no compelling candidacy to drive partisans to the polls.
3. Reid alienated the most important part of his state machine: organized labor. The Culinary and the AFL-CIO delivered the congressional majorities that allowed Reid to pass the Affordable Care Act, and they saved him from his own unpopularity in 2010. Then, when unions screeched about the brutal costs imposed by Obamacare on the Cadillac health plans they had spent decades building, Reid and the president refused to give labor with the exemptions they wanted. As a result, unions were slow to spend their resources rescuing the party they feel betrayed them.
There is indeed voter suppression in Nevada, but it amounts to a self-imposed quarantine by Democrats.
I do agree with Cook, for the most part.
But the Democrats in Nevada have put up some boring people to run.  While the GOP hasn't fielded a team much better, they have 2 advantages: The hatred of Reid and Obama and that will cost some Democrats their seats, with a strong possibility that Stephen Horsford of the U.S. House may be a victim of the Democrats stupidity.
And in 2016, I predict Senile Reid will not be on the ballot and if he does run, he will lose to someone like Gov. Brian Sandoval who will be term limited out of office in 2018, so why not run against Reid?

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