Saturday, November 1, 2014

Senile Harry At It Again

Senile/Coward/Liar Harry Reid just keeps putting his big ass foot in his mouth.
From the Des Moines Register:
Joni Ernst has charged to achieve a 7-point lead over Democrat Bruce Braley in a new Iowa Poll, which buoys the GOP's hope that an Iowa victory will be the tipping point to a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate.
Ernst, a state senator and military leader, enjoys 51 percent support among likely voters. That's a majority, and it's her biggest lead in the three Iowa Polls conducted this fall. Braley, a congressman and trial lawyer, gets 44 percent, according to The Des Moines Register's final Iowa Poll before Tuesday's election.
"This race looks like it's decided," said J. Ann Selzer, who conducted the poll for the Register. "That said, there are enormous resources being applied to change all that."
The news will thrill Republican activists nationwide, who are counting on Iowa as an anchor for regaining the majority in the U.S. Senate. On Saturday, a progressive group organized a conference call with Majority Leader Harry Reid to urge Iowa Democrats "to double down and save the Senate."
"If we win Iowa, we're going to do just fine," he said. "Iowa is critical, there's no other way to say it."
If Republicans control the Senate, Reid said, "think of what that would mean for our country."
So, Senile Harry what will it mean for the Country?  You still control the White House, so no laws that Obama doesn't like will be signed.
Unless Senile Harry thinks that Obama is going to work with the GOP.
Senile Harry really means:
If Republicans control the Senate, Reid said, "think of what that would mean for me." 
No, what Senile Harry really means that if the Democrats lose power, so will Senile Harry and he doesn't like that prospect.

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