Monday, November 12, 2012

Dorothy's Dress Goes For $480,000

This brings back memories: 
From The Orlando Sentinel: It's a simple blue dress worn by a young girl with big dreams who lives on a farm in Kansas, and now it's heading to a new home after selling at a Beverly Hills auction -- for half a million dollars.
Judy Garland
launched to stardom as Dorothy Gale in the 1939 classic "Wizard of Oz," and film and memorabilia fans alike have resonated with the character for decades.
 Dorothy's ruby red slippers are often regarded as the holy grail of Hollywood treasures, with many collectors battling for ownership over any of the 5 known pairs -- one of which was purchased earlier this year in an auction by the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures for an estimated $2 to $3 million.
The sale of Garland's iconic blue gingham pinafore dress marked another milestone for the film, fetching $480,000 at an auction on Saturday, according to auction house Julien's Auctions.
The dress, designed by Adrian, is regarded as one of the only complete costumes with the white blouse and pinafore both intact and features a label that reads "Judy Garland 4461."
The last time the dress changed hands was at a Christie's East auction in 1981, when it was sold by Kent Warner, an MGM costume designer who acquired several costumes from the film as part of a liquidation of the studio's wardrobe department in 1970.,0,861152.story
I thought the dress would have gone for more, but I guess the ruby slippers are worth more.
When I was in middle school, I was in a small acting group in Wauwatosa, WI., that went to several elementary schools and put on the the play "Wizard of Oz".  I have good memories of the play, even though I played a flying monkey, though the 1 bad memory was that I was told to shut up during when the whole cast was singing some of the group songs and singing, I give you this song from the Wizard of Oz:

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