Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Cop Was Wrong

I will support police officers 99% of the time.
This is one of the 1% times I don't support the cop.
From the San Fran Chronicle: A Salt Lake City police officer has been placed on leave after refusing an assignment to work at a gay pride parade.
The officer was among about 30 officers assigned to provide traffic control and security for the annual Utah Pride Parade on Sunday in Salt Lake City, said department spokeswoman Lara Jones.
"We don't tolerate bias and bigotry in the department, and assignments are assignments ... To allow personal opinion to enter into whether an officer will take a post is not something that can be tolerated in a police department," Jones told KSL.
She declined comment on the officer's reason for refusing the assignment.
The officer, whose name was not released, is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation.
Sometimes, you have to do things you don't want to do.
At the school I used to work at, we had visits from Hillary Clinton and President Obama.  I was in charge of our outside sign and I had to place welcome signs for Clinton and Obama.
I hated to do it, but I did put up the sign welcoming them, no matter how disgusting Clinton and Obama are to me.
Same with cops.
You have to protect people, no matter who they are,   You have protect people as disgusting as those from the Westboro Church or President Obama or Nazi's.
I get that the cop doesn't like gay marriage, but you still can't pick and choose who you protect.
Shame on the cop.

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