Thursday, July 3, 2014

66 Murders In Las Vegas And All Is Quiet

Tonight, the Las Vegas has had 2 more murders.
From the LVRJ as they write about 1 of them:
A man died after a shooting in the parking lot of an east valley grocery store Wednesday night, Las Vegas police say.
Officers responded just before 9 p.m. to the Food 4 Less at Sahara Avenue and Nellis Boulevard. They found a man dead of a gunshot wound, Lt. Barb Schmidt said.
Few other details were available late Wednesday. Homicide detectives were investigating, Schmidt said.
So, where is the outrage by community leaders, especially those who represent minorities? 
Stephen Horsford? William Horne? Dina Titus?  Dr. Joe Heck?  Harry Reid?  Dean Heller?  Lucy Flores? Lawrence Weekly? Ricki Barlow? Mayor Goodman?
Where is the clergy?
How about the school district?
We are averaging about 1 murder every 3 days in the Valley, probably even less than that when you include Henderson and North Las Vegas.
And what do we get from the politicians?  Not a damn thing.
They care more about the illegals who come to this country illegally than they care about what is happening in their own backyard. (Except of course, Senile/Liar/Coward Harry Reid whose backyard is the Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C..)


  1. Life in the big city, unfortunately. Sucks though.

    You know, I was a possible suspect in the first murder of the millennium in the valley? It's (sorta!) true! I used to go mud-running in my Jeep in the area that is now Serene and Bermuda. On the first day of 2001, I was trying to go through, and the cops stopped me, and turned me around. "Body dump." And here's me thinking, "CSI is going to analyze the dirt, and find my tire tracks!"

  2. Legend in your own mind.