Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Trip To Oatman, AZ

The family went to visit Oatman, AZ, home of the numerous burros.  There are about 20 burros that roam the main street of Oatman (about 5 blocks).  You can buy a small sandwich bag of compressed alfalfa and feed the donkeys directly and they will not bite you- at worst, theyw ill nudge your arm a little.  Sometimes, they will get into a donkey fight over the food- they will bray or kick the other burro.
Oatman is located on Route 66, between Kingman and Bullhead City.  If you go in from Kingman, you will do some serious mountain driving including dangerous curves, a very skinny road and steep climbs.  If you come in from Bullhead City, the drive is much easier.
Or if you don't go to Oatman, you can try your luck in the Las Vegas area by going to Blue Diamond, which is just past Red Rock.  Another place to see wild burros in Southern Nevada is in Beatty, which is a gateway to Death Valley.
Strange sight though.  There were about 3 pregnant burros and a Democrat official was trying to sign them up for WIC, food stamps and register them to vote in the Democrat primary.

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