Saturday, July 5, 2014

Decisions, Decisions, Oh What To Do?

Now that I have quit the Clark County School District because they lack standards involving Special Education students, I have to make decisions as what to do.
I have received multiple job offers from several States in the Western U.S..
2 opportunities stood out- a school district in Central Nevada and another district in Northern Arizona.
The two Districts are complete opposite.
One is an urban school district.
One is a rural school district.
One district has about 400 students in their middle and high school.
The other district has 700 in just one elementary school.
The urban school district has a population of about 70,000.
The city/town where the small school district is located, there are about 700 people in the town.
The bigger city has a couple of Wal-Mart's in their Valley.
The small city has a huge gold mine within it's borders and the mine owns the only store in town.
Oh my.
Decisions, decisions, oh what to do?

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