Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is Hillary Senile?

Hillary Clinton Tweeted this after the Supreme Court:
Hillary ClintonVerified account@HillaryClinton 9h
Hard-working women will pay the price for today's two troubling decisions -- in wages, health care & dignity.
So, Hobby Lobby gives 12 out of 16 out of the contraception's required under ObamaCare.
The company never said the female employees cannot use contraception's at all.
In the union vote where the Supreme Court said that Illinois cannot force, through legislation, caregivers become State employees for the purpose that they have to join a union.
Apparently, in the union vote, she is against choice for the health care workers.
And in the case of contraception's, she apparently believes that the government can force privately held companies to against their religious beliefs.
If this is the real Hillary, she is a senile old goat.
And it shows that she highly dislikes people who are homecare workers because she doesn't want them to have a choice of being a State employee and a union member.
Here I thought Hillary was a pro choice.
Guess not.
And the SCOTUS rulings have nothing to do with wages, health care or dignity.
And what about men home health care workers?  No mention of them.
And since most home care workers are women, Hillary once again shows her hate towards women.
Hillary, why do you hate women so much?
And you are starting to act like Senile/Coward/Liar Harry Reid.

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