Thursday, August 28, 2014

51st State?

From the Sacramento Bee: The State of Jefferson isn’t waiting around for the Six Californias initiative to qualify to push ahead with its plan for independence.
Supporters of the Northern California secession movement are in Sacramento today to formally lodge their complaints with the state. They plan to submit declarations from Modoc and Siskiyou counties to the Legislature and Secretary of State expressing their desire to withdraw from California and reform under a new state government.
Mark Baird, one of the organizers of the Jefferson movement, said a lack of representation in Sacramento for the north state is causing them harm and the declarations represent an official request for redress.
“What we’re doing is forming standing for a challenge if the state ignores our demands,” he said.
Four more declarations from Yuba, Sutter, Glenn and Tehama counties will be presented in the coming months, Baird said, and when the number of like-minded counties reaches at least 10, the State of Jefferson will be ready to make its move. By then, though, he hopes south staters will be willing to let them go peacefully., a big earthquake will hit California and it will break off and fall into the ocean and wipe out the State of California.But if that won't happen, then any county that wants to leave California, they should be allowed to leave as California has shown that it is a communist State, run by lunatics and inhabited by combination of low lifes collecting money from the government, government employees and rich liberals who pay little in taxes and like to dictate to people on how other people should live their lives while they do the opposite.

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