Wednesday, August 6, 2014

News updates: August 6 2014

Apparently, here in Kingman, the Internet is a new concept.  I won't be able to get hooked up to the internet at home until August 12th because everyone must be clamoring for this new fad.
So, some interesting news.
In Tulsa, OK, a husband and wife police officer couple shot and killed their daughters nrw boyfriend.   Be careful who you date.
The Army finally got around to questioning the traitor Eric Bergdahl about why he deserted his post and his squad abd went to work with the Talivan in Afghanistan.  Gee, think it was about time?
A teacher from Iowa went on an all McDonalds diet and lost 45 pounds.
A driver in New York crashed his car while giving driving lessons to a python who was wrapped around his neck.
So, I will keep on doing these reports until I get this new fangled thing called the internet.
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  1. It took CL the same amount of time to flip the on switch here.