Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Surprised Something Like Has Not Happened Already

From the
Just 18 hours after Omaha police killed a television crew member and a robber armed with only a pellet gun, Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said his officers were justified in firing their weapons.
The chief said Wednesday he based his initial findings on three eyewitness accounts as well as footage captured by the crew’s cameraman as he sheltered himself from gunfire.“The officers had no choice other than to respond in the manner in which they did,” Schmaderer said during a midafternoon press conference with the mayor and the producers of the “Cops” reality show, whose crew has been in Omaha all summer recording the actions of officers.
The violence broke out about 9:20 p.m. Tuesday at the Wendy’s restaurant at 4308 Dodge St.
Three officers shot multiple times after the 32-year-old suspect fired what looked and sounded like a real firearm, Schmaderer said.
Schmaderer said the investigation into the double fatality has just begun. A Douglas County grand jury will be called to examine the department’s actions, and the Police Department’s officer-involved shooting unit also will investigate.
The “Cops” crew member, 38-year-old Bryce Dion, was a sound mixer from Boston who had recently been promoted. He died at the Nebraska Medical Center.
Dion was wearing a bullet-proof vest — but that extra protection couldn’t save him. Schmaderer said the bullet entered Dion’s body through an opening in the vest just under his armpit.
The Cops crew had only had one week to go until the show was scheduled to wrap up its work in Omaha.
I am just surprised this hasn't before, where a COPs crew was seriously injured.  I've seen episodes where the crew was involved in traffic accidents and were injured, but nothing like this.
And there is this from the sister of the black thug who fired a realistic looking and sounding air pistol:
She said she recognizes that Washington committed a crime but that police acted excessively. To see how real the Airsoft gun looked, she bought one Wednesday, she said.
“(He) is supposed to be in jail, he’s not supposed to be in the grave.” she said. “It wasn’t justified with how he was killed ... All of these bullets in the building for a man with an airgun?”
What a stupid black bitch who blames the cops for the thug's death but doesn't blame the thug.
She sounds like she is hoping to piggyback off the thug Michael Brown's death after he robbed a store, assaulted an employee and tried to kill the police officer in Missouri.
RIP to the COPs employee and may the thug go to hell, where he belongs.

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