Sunday, August 24, 2014

That's All They Got???

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From the LVRJ and Norm:
Walter Misco said it pays to listen to your wife.
It paid off huge, in fact, about 11 p.m. Friday when he won $2.4 million on the MGM Grand’s Lion’s Share progressive slot machine, a legend for its stinginess.
Misco and his wife, Linda, both 66, were in town this weekend for a slot machine tournament at the MGM Grand. During their stay, he told her he recalled reading an article about the legendary Lion’s Share progressive machine which had reached cult status.
His wife asked, “what’s the big attraction?’ I told her it hadn’t hit in years. She said, ‘well you need to play that and win.’ I was just doing what I was told.”
So Misco inserted a $100 bill and started playing the $3 maximum. After five minutes he had $127 on the counter when he lined up the three emblems and hit the jackpot of his life.
The machine had not given a jackpot in 15 years, according to MGM Grand spokeswoman Mary Hynes.
It was the casino’s oldest reel machine and single most popular of the 1,900 slot machines on the floor.
First, congratulations to the winning couple.
But only $2,400,000?
They said the machine had not hit for 15 years (20 years, according to the Las Vegas Sun)
That means only $417 per day was deposited/lost in the machine per day.  Since the slot machine was the most popular, $417 is a pittance compared to what the casino got from the machine, even after it paid out the winnings.
So, it looks like the couple while lucky, should have gotten a whole lot more.

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